Shure Making the Switch to Digital Wireless

Now is the time to upgrade your wireless microphone systems. Shure is offering up to $600 off select digital wireless systems for a limited time.

In many major US cities, there are fewer open channels than ever in UHF for wireless microphone users to operate.

Mobile telecomm providers have begun using the 600MHz band and TV broadcasters that previously occupied this range are now repacking in the 470-614MHz range.

Thankfully, Shure’s engineers have made such advances in digital wireless technology that now you can reach those open channels, reliably deploy more wireless systems in less space, and still get extraordinary audio quality.

Axient Digital – For your most critical professional productions.

ULX-D - Secure wireless audio that can scale to your biggest installations.

QLX-D - Rugged and reliable sound for mid sized venues.

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