Introducing dLive V2.0

dLive V2.0 sets the scene for a new era with extensive workflow enhancements and next-generation effects processing.

Workflow enhancements include an overhauled Cue List system, the powerful new Actions feature which makes complex automation easy, and the Channel Library has been extended to include Mix contributions.

The new RackUltra FX card, which will be fitted as standard to all new MixRacks and available as an upgrade for existing MixRacks, adds eight RackUltra FX engines to any dLive system.

The combination of a custom FPGA FX core with ARM processing in the RackUltra FX card has allowed us to push the envelope with our new algorithms, with the RackUltra FX collection encompassing pitch correction and shifting, intelligent vocal harmonisers, studio-grade reverbs, saturation, and distortion that rival the most advanced plug-ins on the market.

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