EAW AC6 Preview

AC6 is an adaptive column loudspeaker fit for portable and installed applications whenever high-performance music amplification is required.

Each AC6 is comprised of six 6” woofers and thirty 1” dome tweeters mounted to a CSA waveguide. Each transducer is individually amplified and processed for an unprecedented level of control and clarity.

Adaptive technology allows vertical coverage to be perfectly customized to your venue across the entire 20KHz to 65Hz operating range resulting in even and musical coverage through the venue.

A modular design approach provides redundancy and full serviceability from the front of the unit making AC6 the easiest to service column loudspeaker available.

AC6 is designed to disappear visually while being rugged enough for portable use and carry an IP rating of IP54. All wiring is designed to be hidden behind the column and can be passed through to columns above or below it.