Online tools and downloadable aids for Shure wireless equipment and applications.

Wireless Workbench Software - Scan, plan, and command your systems anywhere with the ultimate system control software from Shure.

Wireless Frequency Finder - Search for frequencies by city or zip code.

Wireless Accessories Wizard - Recommends items for your wireless system setup including antennas.

Wireless Mic Remote Antennas Tool - Enter the distance between the antenna location and receivers to find cable type and antenna amps needed.

Shure Wireless Microphones Selection and Operation – online PDF from Tim Vear of Shure

Mic Listening Lab - Audition Shure microphones in this interactive demo.

Shure Customer Help – an extensive database of almost 4,000 FAQ’s written by the Shure Applications Department

Shure Notes – online blog from Shure Inc

Shure Noise Identifier – Click play buttons to hear and identify common noise and interference issues. Includes support links to relevant troubleshooting articles and bulletins.


Product Configuration Tools

IPS Planner - Design and print a configuration of FSR’s IPS Components

Smart Fit Designer - Design and print a configuration of FSR’s SmartFit Components


Application guides, Software downloads, online training and more!

K Family Application Guide – Installed Sound

K Family Application Guide – Rental Sound

QSCAET.COM – The Applications Engineering Team is a group of highly skilled application engineers whose real world experience combine to make QSC Audio one of the most sought after destinations for technical advice and design assistance.

Q-Sys Software Downloads - Q-Sys Designer software allows you to create designs for the Q-Sys Integrated System Platform. Also available is the Q-Sys controller App for PC and iOS devices.

QSC Audio FAQ for amplifiers, loudspeakers, and digital products

K for Musicians website

QSC Touch mix training Explore all the TouchMix training courses Explore training courses, sales presentations, videos, tests & assessments, podcasts and more, all geared at making you an expert on QSC products.