Monday, March 30, 2015

With every new Shure PSM system comes the customer request of “How can I use it for point-to-point wireless?” Point-to-point wireless is often used to replace the cables between a mixer and remotely located powered loudspeakers. Here are guidelines for using the PSM300:

1) The line level output of the mixer connects into the P3T transmitter.

2) Position the P3T transmitter high in the air to establish line-of-sight to the powered loudspeakers. Or use a directional antenna, like the PA805SWB, mounted on a tall mic stand.

3) At each powered loudspeaker, place a P3RA receiver. The receiver can be powered by internal batteries, or by a battery eliminator - Shure model SBC-DC. The SBC-DC is powered by 120 VAC from a wall outlet, extension cord, or power strip.

4) Use the P3RA headphone output jack as a low impedance, unbalanced audio feed into the powered loudspeaker AUX IN or LINE IN connection. The interconnecting cable will typically have a 3.5mm male phone plug (PR3A headphone output) and a ¼” male phone plug (powered loudspeaker input.)