Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome to another installment of Tech Tips. This time we are going to be thinking outside the box (literally).

Let’s say you’ve got an install at a football stadium, and the client naturally wants wireless mics for on the field. But they want a permanent antenna install up on the press box, on the outside. What antenna do you use for all weather proposes at that kind of distance? Let’s think about something different: outdoor HDTV antennas.

Most people wouldn’t think about it but obviously wireless mics in general work in the same bandwidth as HDTV, so why not use an outdoor antenna for receiving? While it’s not the perfect solution, it is a solution that can work. You just have to pay attention to beam width and bandwidth, as well as the connector. And remember, you’ll need two of them and a DC block when you’re using them with something that has DC bias (like the UA844 or ULX systems). But the cool thing about using an HDTV antenna (other than the obvious weather resistance) is most of them can be flange mounted and pointed in a way that gives great coverage. And there are some very cost effective options out there.

So when you absolutely have to have an antenna out in the rain and sun, don’t forget that the HDTV that we try so hard to work around carries an advantage: all weather antennas.

Thanks for reading, and as always if you have any question give us a call!