EAW® RSX Series Loudspeakers Deliver Optimal Sonic Performance For Blake's AV Solutions

Blake Shelton, founder of Blake’s AV Solutions, was always around and drawn to professional audio, from sitting with his father behind the sound desk at church to his pre-teen and teenage years as a DJ. When he founded Blake’s AV Solutions, his dream became a reality.

The full-service audio installation and rental specialist provides support for a range of live sound projects, no matter the venue—from corporate events to concerts, parties, church services, pageants and much more.

“The EAW RSX system has been truly amazing,” adds Shelton. “I have complete confidence that we can throw these boxes up anywhere and they will demolish just about any rig in its class. And when I say in its class, I’m talking about a big, dual 12-inch rock-and-roll box. These things can really pack a punch and I’m very happy with my EAW products. As a matter of fact, we are pushing almost all our installs to EAW.”